THE GLASS BEACH (Playa de los Cristales, Asturias)



In the very north of Spain, the waves of the Atlantic ocean cuddle one of the most colourful beaches in the world. This beach is made by coloured glasses instead of regular sand and it’s worth a visit if you’re planning on visiting the north of Spain!
It’s localized in Antromero, in the south of Luanco, in Asturias and the reason this beach looks the way it does is not as nice as it is to look at it.
Its original name was Playa del Bigaral, and not Playa de los Cristales (glass beach), because it used to be a very normal beach.
In the past (not anymore) it became a waste disposal site for decades, which means that all the glass bottles were ending up in there. Over the years, the sea broke these bottles in pieces and polished them making them look like coloured stones.
When the sun comes out, this stones give it a magical look you don’t want to miss.
Funny story, glass is made by the same component as sand, which makes it the perfect place to be!
Once more nature makes things more beautiful! Isn’t it?
If you decide to go, though, try not to take any stone as if they disappear the beach will become a normal beach again.

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