Things you must do…: boat trip across Guadiana’s river


If you visit the Algarve very often, there’s something you should definitely try and never did because only Spanish people know about it: a boat trip through Guadiana’s river.

Guadiana’s river is, basically, the Spanish and Portuguese border, belonging to both Huelva province and the Algarve. You would think it’s just a river that flows to the Atlantic, where some boats that travelled the world are anchored in there, but it’s more than that!

In Ayamonte, a cute white village in Guadiana’s river opposite to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, there’s this boat (and ferry)  that goes across the river with full of happy people and free unlimited drinks and food!


You will normally see Spanish people as it’s something only local people know about. Even most of the people from Ayamonte think that this boat is just a ferry that goes from Spain to Portugal and have no idea they do 1 hour and a half (and even 9 hours!!) boat trips.

That being said, here you have a “secret” you can take advantage of!


This ferry is called Transporte Fluvial del Guadiana, and you can find it in Muelle de Portugal 37 in Ayamonte. They do river trips from the International Bridge to the river mouth in the Atlantic Ocean every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:30h and it lasts 1 hour and a half. The best thing is that they give you unlimited drinks (yes, including Sangria!!) and unlimited snacks!

It’s also great the boat trip that leaves at 10am and finishes at 7pm. In this one they offer you snacks, lunch, tapas and drinks, and you can enjoy the views while partying and participating to some games they do.

It’s definitely another (and great) way of doing tourism around Guadiana’s river, don’t you think? 🙂


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